What We Do
What We Do
Raynool focuses on manufacturing:

- RF Connector & Low PIM Connector
- Low Loss Coax Cable & Plenum Rated Cable
- IoT Antenna
- Cable Assembly & Low PIM Jumpers
- Passive Components
- Lightning Protection & Accessories
- Weatherproofing

From End-Points to Base Stations, Raynool provides an extensive portfolio of related products and enables massive connectivity solutions for IoT and M2M applications.

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Wireless Infrastructure

Raynool provide a full series of material for wireless infrastructure, including Low PIM RF Connector, Bulk Cable, Cable Jumper, Fiber Optic, Weatherproofing boot, and Accessories.

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Wireless Infrastructure Low PIM Solution

Raynool has a full range of Low PIM series products and can provide practical guidance on the optimum combination of coaxial cables and connectors to meet specific electrical and mechanical requirements.

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Helium Network

The Helium Network is a decentralized wireless IoT network using the LoRaWAN system.
Raynool provides antennas and accessories needed to build the network and helps customers develop the turn-key solutions.

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IoT Infrastructure
Low PIM Products
Mar 24, 2023

Mar 24, 2023

Mar 24, 2023